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5 to Thrive

5 to Thrive


Has your child had their 5-a-day?

Five to Thrive has a ‘family friendly’ approach to promoting healthy brain development and
positive relationships.

RESPOND to and assess your baby’s needs
You notice your baby’s needs and feelings.
This switches on your brain and body to connect to your baby.
CUDDLE your baby
Your baby picks up signals from your body when you are close together.
This switches on the baby’s brain and body to connect to you.
RELAX with your baby
Settling and calming yourself settles your baby.
The brain works best when we are calm and alert.
PLAY with your baby
Your face, movements and tone of voice all stimulate your baby’s brain.
Playfulness promotes healthy development at all levels.
TALK with your baby
Babies’ brains need language in order to work properly.
All the words, sounds, signs, symbols or objects you use to communicate build
patterns in your baby’s brain that will help them make sense of their life.

The Five to Thrive concepts of - Talk, Play, Relax, Cuddle and Respond
run throughout all of our sessions. 

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