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Our services continually seek new volunteers to help support children & young people across Plymouth, with various VCQM_logo.pngroles and full training and support provided. 

Male and BME volunteers are increasingly required.  As are foreign language and disability support skills.

If you are interested in becoming involved as a volunteers across any of our children’s services or would like to find out more please contact Lisa Sandercock, Volunteer Co-ordinator on 01752 875934 / 07947583604 or click here to email

Please look below for details of specific volunteering opportunities in our Plymouth Services or click here to look at Barnardo's volunteering opportunities across the country

Supporting children and young men and young women at risk of or having experienced sexual exploitation.  Working with families or Carers of young men and women at risk of sexual exploitation.

This service does not currently recruit volunteers.

Contact:  PlymouthBASE@barnardos.org.uk   01752 875934

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Children's Centres
Children's Centres provide accessible, integrated early childhood services for all expectant parents and families with young children aged 0-4 years. Supporting the overall health and wellbeing of young children and their families while narrowing the gap between the outcomes for the more vulnerable children and other children.


Children's Activity Support

Family Support - Infant Feeding

Family Support - Meet & Greet

Office Support

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PIVAS covers the whole of Plymouth, recruits, assesses, trains and manages adult volunteers to provide an advocacy service for children and young people at meetings where decisions are being made about them and independent visitor service for children in care.  Independent Visitors regularly visit, befriend and advise a child or young person in care where there is little or no birth family contact.  The independent visitor role is to promote the health, wellbeing and best interests of the child or young person as outlined in their Care Plan.  An advocate is an independent person who is there to ensure that the voice of children and young people is heard where decisions are being made about them at meetings.  Advocates empower children and young people to express their views, wishes and feelings themselves or express their wishes for them.

Barnardo’s Plymouth Independent Visitor and Advocacy Service (PIVAS) works with Children in Need and Looked after Children within the city of Plymouth.  Contracted by Plymouth City Council to support at least 700 children per year the service actually supports over 230 children in Plymouth each quarter.   The work of the service is greatly complimented by volunteer Independent Visitor’s being a positive adult, who visits, befriends and helps a child or young person who is in care or care experienced to help re-engage with positive relationships and reshape and enhance social emotional and personal skills.  The role of a volunteer Independent Visitor is to visit regularly to carry out activities together, maybe once a week or once a fortnight over a long period of time (minimum 18 months).  Most visits or activities happen outside of school hours and therefore this volunteering opportunity is suited to evenings, and especially weekends.  Undertaken appropriate activities are child led and aimed at social inclusion, resilience, having fun, which develop a consistent, safe and positive relationship.  Also promote the health, wellbeing and best interests of the child or young person as outlined in their Care Plan.

Providing adult advocates and Independent Visitors for children and young people from 6-24 who are in care, have a disability or are in a vulnerable situation. An advocate will provide them with support and a voice in a meeting which is about them and their life. An Independent Visitor is a volunteer who will be a consistent mentor/role model for a young person in care for at least two years.



Independent Visitor

Contact:  PIVAS@barnardos.org.uk  01752 875934

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Young Carers
Barnardo's Young Carers Service works with over 70 children in the city who have a caring responsibility at home, often looking after parents or siblings with health or disability issues. The service has 4 part time members of staff who support children and families across the city through one to one and group work, helping them to ease the pressure of their caring role, and to have fun with others in similar situations. The service also advocates with families to help them to access services, such as social care, housing and education.

As a result of their caring role young carers often find it difficult to access social and sporting opportunities, which can leave them isolated and with limited access to the types of activities that other youngsters take for granted. The service runs a programme of activities during school holidays, enabling young carers to have fun! These activities include football, watersports, beach trips, theatre outings, theme park visits along with practical sessions on issues such as first aid and fire safety, which helps them to grow in skills and confidence.

To provide specialist support to pull together all the professionals needed to fully support a young carer. To improve outcomes for Young Carers who are at high risk of social exclusion and underachieving or experiencing difficulties at school because of their role as a young carer.


Children's Activity Support - Mentor

Contact: bycs@barnardos.org.uk 01752 770321

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